Indications for buttock lipofilling

If you want to enlarge the buttocks or change their shape or some of their areas cannot be corrected with the help of diets and training, then lipofilling of the buttocks will be an excellent solution.

The buttocks will tighten, their contour will improve, and the lack of adipose tissue in problem areas will be compensated. Buttock augmentation with own fat is very popular in Brazil.

You can also place silicone implants on your thighs to enlarge them if you don’t have your own fat or want to use your own fat for this.

While silicone hip implants retain their shape, the body’s own fat decreases in volume over time. You can use BBLs to give yourself a more feminine and attractive look and improve the contours of your back.

One week before buttock augmentation

  • stop taking medications that affect blood clotting;
  • stop taking hormonal contraceptives, temporarily replacing them with alternative options to prevent unwanted pregnancy.
  • quit smoking;
  • refrain from alcohol;

Preparation for lipofilling surgery

During the lipofilling consultation, the doctor checks the patient’s general health, the place where his own fat will be injected, its required volume and the location of the fat deposits in the donor site. One of the most important goals of the pre-lipofilling visit is to give the patient a realistic view of what can and cannot be achieved with the procedure. Before lipofilling, the patient should be healthy, rested and in good physical and psychological shape. Acetylsalicylic acid (aspirin, etc.) should not be taken for two weeks before lipofilling and for a week after, as it increases the risk of bleeding.

How is rehabilitation after lipofilling

The first two days you will be in the hospital under the supervision of a doctor. Be prepared to lie down for a long time. You will be in bed for 5-6 days after the operation. Special pillows help you get into a comfortable position.

You will have to wear special compression shorts for at least 2 months after the operation

Postoperative underwear is needed for several reasons:

  • keeps the soft tissues of the buttocks stationary, reducing pain and discomfort;
  • reduces puffiness;
  • improves blood circulation and lymphatic drainage;
  • distributes the load, not allowing postoperative sutures to come apart;

The first month of recovery, you can only take off the compression garments for taking a shower.

For 4 weeks after the procedure, the patient is strictly not recommended to lie on his back or sit in such a way that the buttocks are in direct contact with the surface (an inflatable pillow must be placed under them). In the postoperative period, the patient may feel pain or discomfort and observe the occurrence of edema and bruising. It is recommended to wear compression garments to relieve swelling.

Operation Process

The procedure is performed under general anesthesia. The operation consists of 2 stages. First, the surgeon performs liposuction and collects the patient’s fatty tissue into a sterile, closed system to prepare it for further transplantation into the buttock area. The most popular fat donor sites for buttock lipofilling are the lower back, waist, pelvis, thighs, and abdomen.

Thus, the maximum result will be achieved. The resulting fat cells are purified using special equipment.

During the second stage, using multiple injections, fat cells are injected in small doses at different depths into the patient’s buttocks.

This approach ensures an even distribution of adipose tissue, and, as a result, long-term results, excellent shape and attractive appearance of the buttocks. The duration of the entire procedure is from 2 to 5 hours.