Indications for breast augmentation

  • congenital small breasts
  • reduction of breast volume after breastfeeding or as a result of weight loss
  • deformities of the mammary glands after surgery for mastitis or removal of a benign tumor.

Indications for breast augmentation

  • stop taking medications that affect blood clotting;
  • stop taking hormonal contraceptives, temporarily replacing them with alternative options to prevent unwanted pregnancy.
  • quit smoking;
  • refrain from alcohol;
Note that the decision to take certain medications or refuse them for the period of preparation for mammoplasty is made strictly in accordance with the recommendations of a doctor: a plastic surgeon, anesthesiologist and gynecologist.

Preparing for mammoplasty surgery

During a preliminary consultation, you and your surgeon will find the ideal implants for you. The shape, size and material of silicones are tailored to your wishes and medical advice.

Proper preparation can significantly reduce the risk of complications. Before the operation, it is necessary to undergo a medical examination. At the preliminary consultation, you must inform about the previously transferred and existing diseases of the internal organs, about all operations performed on you, allergic reactions and what caused them.

The list of doctors’ recommendations is always individual and is formed on the basis of information about the patient’s health.

Operation Process

Breast augmentation takes place under general anesthesia. The procedure itself takes an average of 2 to 3 hours. Before the operation, you are thoroughly examined primarily by a doctor and an anesthesiologist, so we can be sure that you will perform the operation successfully.

If necessary, make a list of all your questions for your surgeon in advance so that you can participate in a well-prepared consultation on your own. During the consultation, a Russian-speaking plastic surgery consultant will be with you.

The surgeon will then take photographs and mark your body measurements. Will be able to show shape and size using 3D. Once all your questions have been answered, the surgeon will prepare for the operation.

How is rehabilitation going

It is very important to rest in the first days after breast augmentation; in a few days you can definitely go for a walk in beautiful Istanbul. You will also receive a description of the medications you are taking at the clinic and which you should use each day. On the last day and therefore on the day of departure (6 days after leaving the clinic), you will have a final examination by the surgeon.

You may already get your first impression of your new breast shape, however, by that time the edema has not subsided enough, so sometimes you need to wait more weeks in order to see the final result. The final result will be visible only after 3-6 months. You will receive a description of the post-operative care, you will be taken to the airport and you can return home.

The breasts will swell / stretch at first and you will also feel muscle pain in your arms, this is completely normal and heals within a few weeks.

One month after surgery

Refrain from exercise and strenuous activity for 4 weeks. For a month after breast augmentation, you will need to wear a tight-fitting sports bra 24 hours a day. Don’t lift weights or sleep on your stomach.

Six months after surgery

Breast augmentation surgery with implants has a long lasting effect, but the final result will only be known 6 months after the surgery. Your new appearance will help you significantly improve your self-esteem.

Possible side effects of breast augmentation surgery

  • Unwanted scars
  • Bleeding
  • Infection
  • Lengthy rehabilitation process
  • Blood clots
  • Pain sensations