FUE Hair Transplant

Baldness is not a sentence. Undoubtedly, one of the most demanded procedures is hair transplant (transplant). Most of the male population of Turkey is faced with the problem of baldness early enough, therefore, research is constantly being carried out on this topic and modern technologies are being introduced.

Often, trichologists identify 2 main factors that contribute to the development of alopecia: genetic and hormonal. The FUE method is one of the most modern hair transplantation methods, when individual hair follicles are transplanted.

This procedure is carried out in specialized clinics. Transplantation allows you to transfer hair from donor areas to those that need replenishment of vegetation, and to improve the patient’s appearance, restoring his youth and beauty.

The duration of the procedure depends on the number of transplanted hairs and takes several hours. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia, which means that FUE transplantation is completely painless for the patient. During the procedure, no incisions are made on the patient’s skin, which leaves the scalp clean and smooth, without scars.

Small wounds at the sites of hair extraction and penetration heal completely in 2-3 weeks. Consequences such as swelling, numbness, pain and the like in patients do not occur. After 2-3 weeks, even with a short haircut, no one will guess that you have done a hair transplant.

Things to consider before treatment:

  • delivery of a preoperative package of analyzes of biological material for the presence of infectious diseases (HIV, hepatitis B and C, syphilis, etc.), a clinical blood test. Laboratory tests are carried out in our hospital before the procedure
  • You must stop using Minoxidil one week before FUE hair transplant.
  • Do not drink alcoholic beverages 10 days before treatment.
  • Avoid taking vitamins B and E.
  • 7 days before hair transplant, avoid taking medications that reduce blood clotting (such as aspirin or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs)

How the procedure goes:

The FUE procedure is performed in two stages:

  1. At the first stage, it extracts hair follicles that will be used as grafts (usually from the occipital area, where hair is resistant to shedding) and treats them with a special compound that stimulates subsequent growth.
  2. At the second stage, the treated hair follicles are implanted into the balding area.

Extraction of follicles is performed under local anesthesia and using a special instrument called a needle-punch. The diameter of this needle is selected in accordance with the patient’s hair thickness, hair density in the donor area, and the patient’s skin structure. As a rule, at this stage the doctor uses needles of different diameters. The extracted follicle-grafts are placed in a special solution, where they are sorted.

After Hair Transplant

  • Upon completion of the surgery, a bandage is applied to the donor area. You need to wear it for about 2 days.
  • The patient should wash his hair 24 hours after the operation. If possible, this should be done in our clinic. Our specialist will explain how to properly care for your hair after transplant.
  • Within a week, the crusts formed in the places of collection of donor hairs and the area of ​​transplantation are rejected on their own.
  • The first hairs from the transplanted follicles begin to grow approximately 2-3 months after the hair transplant.
  • The full visible effect of hair transplantation occurs in 12-14 months.
To evaluate your request and receive a quote, you must come for a consultation or send photos by email or via WhatsApp without any obligation. Our consultants will send your photos and discuss them with the surgeon, and you will receive a free proposal with a treatment plan within 24 hours.