Dental Implants

Tooth decay can be lost for many reasons, including injuries and accidents. You can replace missing teeth with dental implants. The advantage is that the implants look, feel and work like your own teeth.

Dentistry at Beauty Space can help you transform your life with implants to regain confidence. With implants, you can eat what you want, laugh and enjoy life to the fullest.

Implantation is Shown

  • if one or more teeth are lost;
  • in the absence of several teeth in a row;
  • if there are no extreme teeth in the row;
  • if all teeth are missing

What makes the best choice for dental implants in Turkey?

We combine the latest beauty treatments, innovative tools and a high-tech dental laboratory to recreate the smile you deserve. The dental clinic is equipped with the best and most modern implantation technologies for embedding implants in existing bones. This provides great stability and durability. In traditional treatment procedures, dental implants are placed using a two-step treatment approach.

Dental implants are usually placed by a maxillofacial surgeon and covered with temporary restoration for about 6 months to adjust the bone around the implant and thus provide sufficient stability. In some cases, the procedure may take even longer if a bone graft is required before the actual dental implant. Fortunately, you don’t have to wait long with us to receive your dental implants. Our dentists use two of the most advanced diagnostic methods: panoramic radiography and 3D volumetric tomography. Panoramic X-rays may show more promising for the type and size of the implant.

This helps position the implant for maximum bone contact and stability. Volumetric tomography 3D is an innovative dental technique that allows precise planning of treatment in the field of dental implantology.

Installation procedure installation of dental implants

Bone augmentation

Before the installation of dental implants, it is necessary to provide a sufficient amount of jaw bone tissue at the site of surgery. This is required by the absolute majority of patients, since after the loss of their own elements of the series, the process of atrophy begins. If the doctor diagnoses thinning of hard tissues, bone grafting is performed using bone substitute drugs, membranes or the patient’s own biomaterials. After 3-4 months, you can proceed to the next stage.

Implant Implantation

The procedure itself takes place in one visit, but it will take several months for the implant to fully heal. There are three main options for the operation:

  • classic – the gum peels off, a depression is drilled into the bone, a pin is inserted;
  • into the finished hole – immediately after the extraction of your own tooth, a pin is inserted into the existing hole;
  • minimally invasive – the installation of dental implants in soft and hard tissues is carried out by the puncture method.

Gum Formation

During the healing process, a special apparatus is fixed on the gum to form the gingival contour. It allows you to achieve an excellent aesthetic effect at the time of prosthetics. The gum area of the prosthesis will appear smooth and even. Usually one week is enough for this stage, but the duration can be changed according to individual indications.


The healing abutment is removed, the abutment is fixed to which the crown is attached. This completes the installation of the implants. Immediately after fixing the removable or non-removable crown part, the new tooth is ready for chewing load. When using express techniques or basal prosthetics, the duration of the process is reduced, but such treatment options are not suitable for everyone.