DHI Hair Transplant

DHI hair transplant is a minimally invasive hair transplant technique. DHI hair transplantation, i.e. Direct Hair Implantation, is a modern hair transplantation technique, originating from the FUE subgroup.

DHI hair transplant is a hair transplant method that provides almost 100% natural results and uses the most advanced extraction and transplant tools with a diameter of 1 mm for faster healing.Thanks to the DHI method, it is also possible to obtain a better density than the FUE method. Plus, the DHI method doesn’t force you to shave before hair transplant.

How is DHI hair transplant performed?

Grafts are harvested by CHOI and reused directly in bare or dense areas. The CHOI tip is very small and pointed, but it is designed so that the hair roots can be easily grasped and removed. Depending on the direction of growth, the roots can be planted with the same CHOI. Thicker hair transplant is possible thanks to the thin CHOI tip.

Why DHI Hair Transplant?

The biggest advantage of the DHI method is that the hair follicles can be used smoothly between removal and implantation. With the FUE method, the roots are first separated and prepared for planting. The duration of DHI hair transplant can take 6-7 hours and must be done by a specialist. The day after hair transplantation, as in the FUE method, a control is carried out, and 48 hours after the operation, the first hair wash is performed. This should be done daily for 8 days according to specifications.

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