Beard Transplant

IN the modern world aesthetic medicine service not only for women . All more men pay attention their own i> appearance . Transplant hair in area face allows </ i> eliminate congenital or acquired disorders growth eyebrows , backenbard , mustache and beards , and also mask scars .

A good beard is a source of confidence for many men, highlighting their masculine features and hiding the unfavorable proportions of the cheek or chin. Many men want a bushy beard that gives them a striking shape, but not everyone can grow a full beard naturally.

Beard hair transplants are effective at doing things that your genetics or hormones don’t allow. In the process of beard hair transplantation, the hair is usually removed from the scalp and transplanted onto the beard area. With advances in technology, beard hair transplants have become very effective and accurate.

How can you make your beard thicker?

Many men begin to think about how to make a beard thicker as early as adolescence. Then they get the standard advice – shave often. In fact, this advice is not only useless, but also one of the most harmful.

The only truly reliable way to thicken your beard is with a hair transplant.

Our surgeons perform beard transplants with meticulous precision and a keen artistic eye. For various reasons, it can happen that beard growth is poor in some areas. Trauma, scars, or other causes can cause bald patches on your face. The lack of a beard can lead to a loss of self-esteem in men.

Who is suitable for a beard transplant?

  • insufficient or no facial hair growth;
  • desire to correct the mustache or beard line;
  • the need to mask the scars and scars in the beard and mustache area.

In the case of a beard transplant, our doctors remove hair from the back of the head (FUE method) and, if necessary, move it in the direction of natural hair growth. After treatment, there may be minimal scratches on the implanted hair. Hair falls out immediately thereafter, but the roots are firmly attached so that real hair begins to grow in about 3 months.

Common Risks of Beard Transplant

  • infection
  • scarring
  • Numbness
To evaluate your request and get a quote, you must come for a consultation or send photos by email or WhatsApp without any obligation. Our consultants will send your photos and discuss them with the surgeon, and you will receive a free proposal with a treatment plan within 24 hours.