Baldness is not a sentence. Undoubtedly, one of the most demanded procedures is hair transplant (transplant). Most of the male population of Turkey is faced with the problem of baldness early enough, therefore, research is constantly being carried out on this topic and modern technologies are being introduced.

Lipofilling of the buttocks

Lipofilling of the buttocksIf you want to enlarge the buttocks or change their shape, or some of their areas cannot be corrected in any way with the help of diets and training, then lipofilling of the buttocks is an excellent solution.

Breast Augmentation

Women’s breasts can be the subject of admiration, envy, lust … A woman’s self-esteem largely depends on her appearance. And this is one of the reasons why plastic surgery to correct the shape of the bust is in the lead in popularity.


Rhinoplasty is a separate branch of plastic surgery to correct congenital or acquired defects of the nose. With the help of rhinoplasty, it is possible to solve the problems of nasal breathing, correct the external consequences of injuries, and also correct the appearance for aesthetic reasons.

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